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Why We're Special

Nabisoga is a community with many challenges yet a lot of potential.

The Community

The individuals and families that make up the community we serve all have one very important thing in common: everyone recognizes the value of education as a way to improve and enrich the lives of their children, their families and the larger community. Find out more about our community to discover what makes us unique!

Aaron sharing his vision with Susy.

The Founders

A peculiar meeting that led to life-changing impact. Project Manager Aaron Twagirayesu and his wife Naome met Susy Loewen in the fall of 2007, and they connected instantly. Back in Canada, Susy kept in touch, and three years later Aaron and Naome reached out to Susy for support in order to put their plan in motion. Susy agreed, and Shechinah Grace was born.