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The Community

A home located near the organizations property.


Located in the Kalungu district of Uganda the community of Nabisoga has around 250 homesteads with an average of four children in each home. Many of the people in this village have never gone through formal education. The main source of income that employs individuals in this area is making bricks in the swamps. On average the people of the community live off of less than a dollar a day. Because of this low income, many cannot afford to send their children to school. Some of those that do begin do not always have a chance to complete their education. The most affected are girls.

Parents of our students gather for a community meeting at the centre.

The community faces a high demand for space in schools. A number of our students walk more than a kilometre to and from class each day even with our school being their closest option. Their families are very involved and interested in the initiatives of Shechinah Grace, and repeatedly express their gratitude for the service we provide and the work we do.