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Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Sponsorship

Some of the girls showing off their new uniforms.

What's Involved

For $50 a month, the child you sponsor will receive:

  • Nutritious Meals
  • Quality Education
  • Access to Healthcare
  • A Loving Home
The search to find sponsors to enable us to welcome more orphan and vulnerable children is currently on hold until we have created the space to accommodate the next eight girls.

SGM's first sponsor, Christy with Nahiya.

Sponsor Testimonial

"I have a unique sponsorship experience in that I was traveling with Susy in Uganda and spending time with the school children when I met young Nahiya. I knew Nahiya was one of the children they were wanting to find a sponsor for as she was left in the care of her elderly grandmother who had challenges supporting her which resulted in her being severely malnourished. While still in the country I made the decision to become Nahiya's sponsor, and had the very powerful experience of joining Aaron on the visit to Nahiya's home where we met her grandmother, before bringing Nahiya with us back to the centre. Her grandmother was so happy that Nahiya would be given the chance to go to school and receive the love and support from Aaron and Naome.

In the few years since Nahiya made her home at Shechinah Grace I have been absolutely blown away by the transformation in her health, her happiness and her confidence. It has been a truly remarkable experience to be able to see the impact of the support I have been providing!"

-Christy Loewen: SGM's very first sponsor!