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Meet the Team

Director Aaron and his wife Naome.

Aaron and Naome

Aaron is the Project Manager of Shechinah Grace, and in addition to coordinating the construction and projects of Shechinah Grace, he works with his wife Naome to care for the OVC children in addition to five of their own.

The eight OVC girls who now call LCDC home.

Robert and Grace

Robert and his wife Grace have given many volunteer hours to this project, and they support Aaron and Naome in a variety of ways. Aaron consults Robert on construction and some administrative aspects of the organziation. Grace is a teacher, and often spends time assisting in the care and education of the children from the child development centre and the school. In addition, Grace serves as the official seamstress of Shechinah Grace, sewing school uniforms for the students.

One of our teachers leads the class.


Shechinah Grace currently employs five teacers.
As the eldest students advance each year, the number of students enrolled in classes continues to increase, and our teaching staff grows.